Field Trips

Field Trips

Yoyogi International School offers field trips for students across all grade levels, providing hands-on learning experiences beyond the classroom. 

At Yoyogi International School, we believe in providing our students with enriching experiences beyond the classroom. That's why we organize field trips for students in every grade level, allowing them to explore the world around them and learn in new and exciting ways. We understand the importance of hands-on experience in education, and our field trips are designed to complement classroom learning by offering real-world applications of concepts taught in school.

In November 2023, our grade 1 students visited the Science Museum, while grade 2 explored the International Library of Children's Literature. Grade 4 students had a fascinating trip to the Suginami Animation Museum, and our kindergarteners enjoyed a fun-filled day at the Train and Bus Museum.

In February 2024, our kindergarten students revisited the Minato Science Museum, while grade 3 explored the wonders of the Miraikan Science Museum. Grade 2 also had the opportunity to visit the Miraikan Science Museum, and grade 5 students delved into the world of art at The Sumida Hokusai Museum.

These field trips are not only educational but also serve to foster a love for learning and exploration in our students. We are committed to providing holistic learning experiences that inspire curiosity and creativity in every child.