Extended Learning (June 15th-July 3rd)

Extended Learning (June 15th-July 3rd)

Program Rationale

Give students face-to-face guided instructional practice of areas of academic need in Language Arts and Math. It is also an opportunity to put into practice what was learned during the Distance Learning Program. 

The learning activities may be in the form of online modules (IXL, Raz-Kids), hands-on projects, teacher-support, independent practice, etc.

There are no additional costs for this session for students enrolled in Term 3 SY 2019-2020. We do ask parents to make at least a commitment for the entire week. Students may attend all three or two or one week/s.  Preschool students on partial day enrollment (2x or 3x/week), may attend all five days of the week.


9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. Monday through Friday

With recess, lunch, and play breaks.

Classroom Configuration 

By grade level, multiage (two grade levels), or grade level clusters (up-to three grade levels) depending on number of enrolled students.  We will attempt to keep age levels as close as possible and in small classes.