Tuition & Fees


Pre-K, Kindergarten and Primary School 2022-2023

Application Fee (Non-refundable; one time only)                                                                                                  ¥22,000
Registration Fee (Non-refundable; one time only)                                                     ¥330,000
Campus Development and Maintenance Fee  (Non-refundable; one time only)                                    ¥220,000
Educational Development Fee(yearly)                                      ¥99,000


1st Term 2nd Term 3rd Term ANNUAL
¥968,000 ¥682,000 ¥638,000 ¥2,255,000
Regarding Fees: 
  • 10% tax is included in all the tuition/fees.
  • Tax exemption is available for diplomats.
  • Payment should be made by bank transfer under the child’s name by the payment deadlines stated on the invoices issued.
Sibling Discount:
1) Both siblings must be enrolled at school
2) Sibling Discount only applies to families who are self-paying
3) 50% discount for Registration Fee for younger child
4) 5% discount for Tuition for younger child

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