Middle School

Yoyogi International School is proud to announce the opening of its Middle School Program from the School Year 2023-2024. 

In line with our school's mission, vision, and core-values, our Middle School is dedicated to providing each student with a warm, safe, and nurturing environment to grow academically, socially, emotionally, and personally. We are committed to fostering a love of learning, guiding children to be open-minded, and developing confidence and compassion to become active members of the global society in the 21st century.

Through our Middle School, we equip our students with a well-rounded academic profile in readiness for further education anywhere in the world, and assist families in finding the best high school to pursue their dreams. We ensure that our students are able to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding and most of all their confidence by exploring the world through an inquiry-based approach, using a concept-based curriculum and ongoing criterion-related assessment.

Subject Offering

Students will engage with all subject areas, including Mathematics, Sciences, English, Humanities, Design, Japanese, Physical and Health Education, Music and Visual Arts following the US Common Core and the UK National Curriculum. See the subject descriptions below for further elaboration:


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