Why Yoyogi?

Our Core Values

Curious, Confident, Compassionate

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide our growing school community with an outstanding learning environment; preparing children with the skills, knowledge and aspiration to be active learners within our constantly changing global society.

Our Mission

We foster a love of learning by encouraging children to be resilient, creative and collaborative. We guide children to be open-minded and develop integrity to become active members of the global society in the 21st century. We provide a safe, nurturing and caring environment where each child is supported individually and is inspired to exceed their own academic expectations.


Yoyogi International School is best known for our warm, caring community. Our relatively small size - 220 total students - gives every community member the chance to be heard. Faculty, staff, and parents alike get to know each other and our students across grade levels, and teachers and school leaders are easily accessible at drop-off and pick-up times, by appointment, or at one of our regular Parent Coffee Mornings, PTA meetings, or special events. 


Our community includes families from 33 different countries and internationalism lies at the heart of the learning environment. While the student body as a whole is comprised of roughly 70% foreign nationals, we also embrace the culture of our host country and engage all students in learning Japanese.

Class Size

We believe that keeping classes small - our average class size is just 13 students - allows our teachers to truly understand how each student learns best. This also allows us to get to know all of our families well and develop close partnerships between school and home. Our maximum student to teacher ratios per class are: 

Seals (3-4 years old) 9:1
Dolphins (4-5 years old) 11:1
Primary 1 - PG6 (5-12 years old) 16:1

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