Message from Founder and CEO

I am pleased to welcome you to one of the finest international schools in Japan. At Yoyogi International School, we believe that learning is never finished, and our first-class faculty fosters a love for learning in our students above all else. We are deeply committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and caring environment where each student's unique passions and skills can flourish and continue long after graduation.

We hold our values front and center as they anchor our ability to continue executing our mission and fulfilling our vision. By cultivating a culture in which students (and adults) are curious, confident, and compassionate, we aspire that each member of our community develops an insatiable appetite for learning, the resilience to fail forward and rise to challenges anew, and a commitment to caring for the communities in which we live.

Teacher quality has the most significant impact on student achievement a school can provide. I could not be prouder of our diverse faculty, who inspire our students with their expertise and best teaching practices from some of the top educational institutions around the world. By focusing on building solid relationships and trust, designing challenging learning opportunities, and consistently assessing their impact on student learning, these talented teachers empower our students to take ownership of their learning and exceed their expectations.

We understand that choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make. Whether you are new to Yoyogi International School or a long-time community member, I invite you to come and spend some time learning what a first-class education looks like as we continue inspiring our students for the future.

Warm regards,

Yuko Muir
Founder and CEO

About Yuko Muir

Yuko Muir founded Yoyogi International School in 1999, with the vision to provide a first-class education to the expatriate community in Tokyo, creating an environment where children can feel safe, secure, and confident, which will help enhance their excellent learning experience.

Yuko has a Bachelor's degree in Japanese literature from Ferris University, Japan, and a Master's degree in Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, U.S.A. She continued her study for a Ph.D. in International Psychology. As a founder of the school, she has served over 2,000 international families. Yuko hopes to apply her vast knowledge for the members of the Yoyogi International Community through various psychological perspectives, including cultural, and global psychology. Yuko’s love is to help children develop their worldviews and become true global citizens in the rapidly growing and changing world.

Kevin Haggith

Message from Head of School

Yoyogi International School is an International IBO Primary Years Programme school in the heart of Tokyo, beside Yoyogi Park. We are pleased to offer our diverse student population an exceptional learning experience. Our internationally certified staff employ a child-centred approach to learning that engages the physical community surrounding our campus to provide our students with authentic education and unique problem-solving opportunities.

I have spent 30 years in education developing an understanding of what makes the student learning experience challenging and rigorous while engaging and joy-filled. Our program aims to create well-rounded students with the necessary skills to succeed in exciting innovations and evolving workplaces. Teaching students to achieve and manage the stresses of this changing world requires intentional social-emotional development and an awareness of our abilities and learning styles. 

Our school community is inclusive and encourages the celebration of our differences and uniqueness. The entire community can participate in parent events and whole school celebrations. We are looking forward to more open experience post-COVID restrictions. We are excited to welcome parents back to social events and witness their children's experiences in the program. My role as the Head of the School is to develop the community through family events and create a respectful and kind environment for all stakeholders. 

I am excited about the new year and working to develop long-term plans for the growth and development of Yoyogi International School.

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